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With every wedding collection you have the option to add on a Highlight Video for an addition cost. This video can include a second shooter depending on the collection type.

What I offer: 

Hybrid Weddings

You betcha! Most my collections include an engagement session. Why? Because I genuinely want to get to know you, hang out, have a date day, with the 2 of you! It's a great way for you to see what I do best and have fun in the process.

These are my regular sessions:

Engagement Sessions

I offer JUST videography services as well. As a former Film Studies Major and someone who worked in the Post Production world I love to offer video services for a "fly on the wall" and "candid style."

Serving those in:

Just Videography

Photography Service >>> I estimate about 100 edited photos per each hour of coverage.

Video Service >>> I typically deliver a highlight video (3 - 4 mins long) and an Unedited Complimentary Speeches video. Each package is different in their coverage delivery. 

How many photos or videos do we receive?

Yes! I love to explore new places and go the distance for my couples. Depending on the location travel fees may apply. Though I have 2 home-bases of Toronto & Oxford County. I include travel within 60km of each location.

Do you travel for weddings?

Let's face it covid is a real issue we are all navigating around and regular illness as well. In any case that I am not well enough to cover your wedding (which thankfully has never happened to me) I will have my associate photographer take over the wedding day for you. All information about this is covered in my contract.

What if you get sick on our wedding day?

I will always check in with you before I leave at my respected time. I do grant a 20 minute grace period as I know sometimes things are out of your control and can run late. Anything beyond this time I charge for. 

What if we want more coverage on the wedding day? For example, our wedding is running late.

Yes and yes. I offer different packages that include the most popular coverage times and add ons. Though every package can be customized to your needs. Every wedding is different!

Do you have set packages or can we have a customized package?

Just being around her reminded us to calm down and enjoy the moment. We were walking together after the ceremony to do more photos and I remember her whipping out her bluetooth speaker and blasting some good vibes for us, and the whole time she was cheerful, encouraging, and not afraid to put bossy relatives in their place (firmly, but politely of course). She's a boss and I appreciated her having our back that day. We even got a sneak peek of some pictures the very next day!

“They weren't kidding when they said your wedding day can be stressful, but Danica was this constant source of joy and excitement..”

Georgina& Tim

Being in the presence of Danica, is being the presence of someone who is non-judgmental, encouraging and playful. She truly went above and beyond the call of duty and was an excellent communicator. We really treasure the photos that Danica captured for us and the moments of bliss she created.

“Danica was the first, most repeated and most highly recommended photographer."

Jocelyn & Mark

She was open to our ideas while also leading us with seamless direction that made us comfortable and allowed us to have genuine fun. She was up for quite a bit of a hike/ adventure and was so positive and happy to be around.

“From the moment we met up with Danica for our adventure/ elopement session the conversation was easy."

Siobhan & Jeff




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images by danica oliva photography & videography