i want to protect your day

i value you

Above all I want your wedding to feel like YOURS. This means putting your priorities first no matter what you value most. And I can help you sort that out. I'm here as a sound board, a hand to lead the way, or simply someone to confide in. Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming and I pride myself on making this process simple. 

It's about the two of you celebrating your love with the ones you LOVE most.

I have to be real, there's a reason why I do this and it's because I truly love what I do. Every wedding is different. Every wedding calls for different needs. My job is different every single day and I thrive on highlighting everything that's beautiful, unique, and wonderful about you.

Weddings call for someone to be in the right place at the right time all while putting their own twist and vision upon it all. My approach is DOCUMENTARY, allowing you to be yourselves and being there to capture it all. This includes the CANDID and the SMALL MOMENTS. 

My editing style compliments this documentary shooting style with CONSISTENT and TRUE TO COLOUR tones that give your memories longevity for years to come.

I'm not for everyone.

My way of working may not resonate with everyone, and that is perfectly okay. My photography style may evoke diverse emotions and reactions, appealing strongly to some while not connecting as deeply with others. And that's the beauty of it! My work is a reflection of my personal vision, experiences, and creativity. I attract couples that are looking for a candid, true, and heartfelt outcome when they look back on their photography.

Inclusion over everything.

It makes me sad to even HAVE to include this statement but if it's not clear inclusion and acceptance of whatever your love looks like, you are welcomed here. The End. Period.

Nothing ever forced.

If you're looking for that "photo finish perfection" that's totally okay! And I would be happy to refer you to someone that does that well. To be honest that's not me or my approach. Life is messy, complicated, beautiful, full.....and that's how I see your wedding days. It's THE DAY that is a reflection of your love. I want to capture it that way. The real smiles, the candid moments, the real tears, and everything in between.

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the process

just for them to be there or not be there for your wedding day.

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The Wedding

Your wedding day is the one time where your love and the life you've built together is celebrated. That includes your furry family as I'm sure they've been instrumental in your lives together.