It's a big day! There's going to be so much going on that you won't see are able to take in the same way. Beyond what photo brings video is a way that bring you right back to your day and allowing you to FEEL what you felt then. This includes an edit that involves moments that you might have missed too!

I get it, typically video is something booked last or after photography. Having documentation in one form of photos is enough for some couples. And that's totally fine! Some of my couples are these people as I do photography. Videos I create are for those who want to not just look back on their day but...


that sometimes photography doesn't deliver fully. Don't get me wrong I respect and love both mediums. Video has a place in my heart that really brings the tears when watching. Sure photography can definitely bring out these emotions but video is such a quick and easy way to be transported right back into your day.


i value you

video experience

That's right! I graduated from Film Studies and a graduate program in Post Production. After working as an editor and many post production jobs I found my purpose in starting my dream job: this! Videography was my first wedding gig! And I've always been capturing wedding videos.

my style includes:

- Slow Motion Captures mixed with Real Time
- True time spoken overlay matching the visuals
- Drone Shots (when we're able to fly)
- Focus on Couples
- Gravitation toward nature

guided documentary

I understand my role and position on your wedding day as your videographer. Photography is the main stage, I get that. And working with other vendors is something I love to do. My approach is a fly-on-the-wall, documentary style of what is already unfolding. Taking the lead when I need a certain shot or sequence is something I will do. With this direction it's always guided. Giving you both THINGS TO DO TOGETHER rather than posing you in a position like photography. Video is all about motion and movement together.

1. Fill out my contact form.

2. I send you my full pricing guide.

3. Ask me any questions!

4. Lock in your date with a retainer fee.

5. Unlimited communication. It's a collaboration!

6. Questionnaires + Schedule Drafts sent back and forth to get an idea about your coverage.

7. Your Day Arrives

8.Wedding Sneak Peek delivered in the first week of the wedding (if included in your particular package).

9. Full Wedding Video Delivered!

the process

just for them to be there or not be there for your wedding day.

dog guide

The Wedding

Your wedding day is the one time where your love and the life you've built together is celebrated. That includes your furry family as I'm sure they've been instrumental in your lives together.