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Remember back in the time when your parents wedding video was a tripod at the back of the aisle, and the video was hours long? Those days are behind us. Accessing and reliving your day in a creative video that ranges in time frame captures the day in such a special way.

wedding highlight videos

With every wedding collection you have the option to add on a Highlight Video for an addition cost. This video can include a second shooter depending on the collection type. These videos range in timeframe 3 - 10. minutes long. This is offered to all Wedding Photography Collections as an Add On feature.

video add ons

You will receive your video through a link on WeTransfer to store and back up for safe keeping. You will also receive a public Youtube Link (you can opt out if you choose) where your video will always live. A way to share your video with family and friends.

Sharing with family

If there's a combined effort to collection the footage it will always be me, Danica, editing the final product. This includes coming together on music choices, tone, and voice captured on your special day.

post production

Yes of course! This is a collaboration and this is YOUR wedding video. I send a questionnaire before the wedding day to collect all your thoughts and priorities. With this information and the footage captured I'm able to create your dream video. This includes if you want speeches, vows, or any letter reading included. Music choices, live music, or voice overs too! Sound is HUGE part of a wedding video that isn't included in your photography so I take it seriously to get right just for YOU.

do we have a say in music?

Yes and no. I do bring my drone with me on wedding days but it's never a priority to me. Why? I own a drone that is under the standard weight to NOT need a drone license. So yes I can fly it. Though flying a drone has a lot of permissions and weather dependant rules. If these things line up and I have time to put it in the air than we can go for it! It's never something I can guarantee (and no one else should for that matter) due to weather restrictions alone.

do you offer drone footage?

I like to keep it simple. I have microphones attached to all my cameras and I use a little lav microphone to attach to one partner during big moments. Big moments like the first look, ceremony, or letter reading. This is small enough to fit inside a pant or jacket pocket. It can pick-up on both partners anytime you are close, which are all the good times for sound.

how does capturing sound work?

Some videographers offer a same-day edit. An edit of one part of the day viewed at the end of the reception or during the reception. This is not a service I offer. I do not have a large team and offer my videography services as a high quality, fly on the wall, documentary approach.

do you offer same-day edit?

This can mean different things to different people. RAW files are massive, and are not a true representation of my work. That's why you hire me, so give me perspective, creative vision, and documentary style to create a beautiful representation of how the day happened. This story telling does not lie in the RAW version of your wedding captured. RAW files are also very large and not something I ever give up. I do offer "an Unedited Speeches Video" if you have any during my coverage time. This is a video of speeches from beginning to end in one video file for you.

can we have the RAW Video?

frequently asked questions

If you have a date in mind or booked, please let me know so I can see if I'm available for your date. I typically book 1 - 1.5 years in advance. But always check in for any last minute dates too!

Inquire with your date

To lock me in for your date and secure your wedding with me (YAY!) a flat rate retainer fee will be required. This ensures your wedding is safe with me.

retainer fee

Once we're a team I send you my exclusive wedding guide that will give you my top insights and suggestions for your wedding day. I'm there every step of the way with questionnaires and meetings leading up.

plan your day

YAY! Coming together and talking weddings is my thang! I have a series of questionnaires to best prep for your special day and I'm always accessible via video chat, call, and email. I always put my existing clients first.


Things like photo permits, scheduling, and coming together with any wedding planner you might have is part of all the prep before the wedding. I want to make sure this day is YOURS so please run all your hopes + dreams by me.