My core values

Love is Love. The End. 

I have zero tolerance for those who are not accepting of my core values. Everyone is welcome here no matter what your love looks like.



I take a documentary approach to every wedding and session. I'm all about capturing what's already unfolding and not staging or posing true moments. Being authentic to yourselves and allowing you both to truly be yourselves on your biggest day with the ones you love most.



I'm here for it all, the big moments and the small ones in between. No matter how fast the day might feel I'm concrete on making sure I don't miss a thing. It's what I do best! Knowing all the details and high priority elements of your day is my focus.

Detail focused


You want more than just photos of your wedding day and the way it looked. You want photos of how people FELT. To look back on your day and be BROUGHT back into those moments. Chasing the candid moments among the photo time for those "photo perfect" moments too. 

capturing the feels


the truth is....

I'm all about human connection. During your wedding the big moments are going to happen regardless (ceremony, first looks, cheers with your family, etc.) I'm all about the interactions you have with one another and your guests. I'm PEOPLE focussed and always want to give you a positive experience above all.

I capture every wedding in a documentary approach. I'm there for all the small and big moments. I'm also there to move things along and take your priority list as s driving direction. I will jump in and guide you through MOVEMENTS together rather than posing you for every photo. 

guided approach

have more questions?
send me an email.

what makes my services different

it's a collaboration....

I'm going to guide you throughout it all. From your inquire until after your wedding day when your gallery is delivered. My talents and skillset only thrive with your cooperation and willingness. Let me know what works best for you and what's high priority for YOUR wedding day. Every wedding is different and through I have the same approach for all I'm always here for YOUR specific needs.

This documentary approach calls for the style and editing to be true to what things actually looked out. A stylized look is added but staying consistent with true to colour techniques.

true to life...

do you travel for sessions?

All travel costs included a 60km round trip from East York, ON or 60km round trip from Ingersoll, ON.

I know how important timing is for every chapter of your growing family. There is no RIGHT TIME for a growing bump, baby announcement, or newborn photography. It's when the time is right for you and your family. I'm going to capture whatever that FEELS like to you, no matter how "bumping" your tummy is or how little your newborns toes are. 

we're expecting! When's the best time for a session?

what are your areas of operation?

I live in East York and operate in the GTA area. I am also from my hometown within Oxford Country and serve that area dependant on my schedule.

I can't stand it when someone is telling me how to be when I'm in front of the camera. This aligns with my documentary approach of "hands off" and allowing you to just BE with one another. This includes my GUIDED approach of giving you movement and things to do together rather than posing. Things like: 

what does your guided approach mean?

Don't worry, once booked with me I take care of you. I provide an online guide that gives ALL my insights about wardrobe, locations, weather, what to pack, dog safety, and more! All details are sorted out before we meet. 

what do we wear? what do we bring? where can we go?

Please inquire on my contact page on my website here. From there I will send you all the information and calendar link to select your time and date. I ask for all sessions be paid in full upon booking. And then we are locked in!

how do we book you for a session?

I get it, there are a lot of expectations wrapped up in this one day. Making sure all my couples have a great experience is my main priority. Every wedding is different! And I advocate for the things that matter most to you.

what can you expect working with me?

the truths about video you need to know...

This is a collaboration. Video is less forgiving than an image is. An image can manipulated and retouched, something a video can't do. This instead is tackled in the editing room. I love editing and bringing out the true magic within a wedding day. This brings music, visuals, voice over, and sometimes drone shots together to tell your wedding day story.

I love this part! Bringing everything that's high priority, low priority, music, voice over, visuals. effects, and anything else that we've discussed. And don't worry if there's something that needs to be changed I give you a 7 days changes buffer to let me know and we can make it the video of your dreams.

post production process....

what's the wedding video process?

i listen to all your needs...

My approach is a team effort. We come together and bring your video together. I do this through a very detailed questionnaire before your wedding day where I gather any music, visuals, or cues that you prefer to bring your video together. I'll have all this information going into your wedding day and taking priority to things that matter most to you on your day.

You get a private downloadable link to all videos in your collection and a shareable Youtube Link for you to share with family and friends. And it goes without saying but your privacy is most important, if for any reason you need your videos private that's no problem at all.

what you receive....