what i love to capture

I'm so glad you're here

I pride myself on building my business around love and your dogs. Seriously there's nothing that makes me more happy. And with that I love to invest in your families and how they grow.

my experience

I wouldn't say I'm a photographer who just likes to take photos of your and your doggos. I have years of experience working a few different roles in the pet industry. I started as a dog walker in the Toronto area and learned how each dog has different temperament, personalities, preferences, and ways of being a dog! I then began donating my time (and still do) giving back to dog rescues by fostering dogs.

dog safety

As someone who is an advocate for animal treatment I do not support retractable leashes, non-friendly dog toys, and harsh/verbal punishments. I am in support of positive reenforcement, gentle guidance, and giving your pup a comfortable environment.

Trusting someone around your dog is not something I take lightly.

celebrating them

If we're coming together to celebrate their birthday, your "got you day", or for a big hurdle they've overcome I want to know about it! I know there are many joyful reasons to come together but please let me know if this is an Over the Rainbow Bridge time for your pup. That's something beautiful to commemorate too.

Yes of course we will get the beautifully lit photos. But above all I want their personality to shine through no matter how tame or wild it is. At the end of the day they're their own individual and I want to capture that.

As a film major and post production graduate video creation has always been something I offered. Get complete coverage with video and photo from every session.

- Natasa

"Working with Danica was soooo much fun. My boyfriend and I are camera shy but Danica made us feel extremely comfortable. She had so many great ideas on how to capture the natural laughs and smiles and she guided us the whole time. She was amazing with our dog, and was able to find ways to get his attention. We enjoyed her bubbly personality and the session time flew by. Not to mention the photos exceeded our expectations, we couldn't be happier."

She had so many great ideas on how to capture the natural laughs

- Carina

"She was especially good at keeping our dog engaged and relaxed. We loved how the photos turned out and how well Danica was able to capture the candid moments. We know we will be using Danica’s services again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone for couple/pet/family sessions!

Danica has a way of making you feel comfortable

- Jessica + Ellis

"As two camera-shy people, my fiance and I were pretty picky about selecting someone who would not make us pose, but instead bring out natural and photogenic interactions between us. I can't believe how well Danica delivered on this fairly complex ask.As well, our pup Luna can be timid around new people, but was immediately drawn to Danica who put her at ease with a squeaky toy and her laid back, positive energy."

You Must Work With Danica If You Have A Love For Candid Shots Of Your Family