make your day yours and intimate, here are some insights.

Welcome To

If you have a date in mind or booked, please let me know so I can see if I'm available for your date. I typically book 1 - 1.5 years in advance. But always check in for any last minute dates too!

Inquire with your date

To lock me in for your date and secure your wedding with me (YAY!) a flat rate retainer fee will be required. This ensures your wedding is safe with me.

retainer fee

Once we're a team I send you my exclusive wedding guide that will give you my top insights and suggestions for your wedding day. I'm there every step of the way with questionnaires and meetings leading up.

plan your day

YAY! Coming together and talking weddings is my thang! I have a series of questionnaires to best prep for your special day and I'm always accessible via video chat, call, and email. I always put my existing clients first.


Things like photo permits, scheduling, and coming together with any wedding planner you might have is part of all the prep before the wedding. I want to make sure this day is YOURS so please run all your hopes + dreams by me.