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bringing your photos to life with the moving picture

When I started capturing videos during sessions it started because I wanted more videos of my own dog. I thought this might be something my clients would like and once I figured out how to handle both during a session it was only magic from there.


the beaches, toronto on

Arthur had just come into Laura's life and she knew she wanted photos and video that really captured these beginning days. They're never going to be this small!

see the session video here


scarborough bluffs, scarborough on

There are so many reasons to love a Corgi Breed, but there was nothing like the spirit Luna has for her parents. She was beyond adventurous and really loved the water once she saw it. See our adventure at the beach here.

see the session video here


scotsdale farm, georgetown on

We came together for Cooper's parents engagement session. And as hoped Cooper was the one who stole the show. I seriously loved seeing the trust Jesse had for Cooper as he ran around the grounds, it was the best time.

see the session video here


markham on

Perogie was a new addition to his family this summer and getting a true representation of him, even on the hottest day of the summer, was the best. It's experiences like this session that make me love what I do so much.

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scarborough bluffs

If you haven't guessed it by now the bluffs are one of my favourite spots. And not to mention it's a 10 minute drive from my home, which makes this spot extra special. I love taking my couples to my secret spots around the bluffs.

see the session video here


end of life session

I wanted to include one of my End Of Life Sessions here. I thankfully have only done a few of these but so grateful that I got to. If we have the knowledge of knowing when to say goodbye I think this can be a great opportunity to celebrate their life.

see the session video here