A Portion Of All Sessions And Weddings Booked, Go To A Local Dog Rescue I Volunteer With On Their Behalf.

Foster Photos + Video

I love to offer my services to good rescues providing good services FOR the pups of Ontario and the Toronto area. Coming together and providing photos + video to help highlight each foster pups strengths to find their forever family.

I service in the East York + Toronto Area. If you're currently fostering a pup and want some photos + video please reach out with your information and rescue you're fostering with. I'd love to chat more!

working together to get pups adopted in Ontario

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celebration of life

Saying goodbye is never easy. I want to help with this process and capture your bond and love for your furry family before this time. If you have the privilege of knowing when this is know that this is a safe place and I'm happy to bring some joy and celebration to honouring them. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out. These things are usually time sensitive and I will do my best to accommodate as much as I can to make this happen.

Donation of minimum $50 to a local dog rescue is required.

it's never an easy process, I hope I can help

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Well, if you want to really want to know I was a Toronto Dog Walker while building my business to full time. My first pet subjects were the dogs I walked. I learned that this was something that made me most happy, and that I could master this type of photography by giving back. I reached out to rescues that wanted photos and I've been doing it for over 4 years now. 

When my partner James and I decided to move in together I knew I wanted a pup of my own. We weren't in a hurry. We took our time to learn more about rescue dogs through my volunteer work. When a dog came around that felt right we would be ready to make a move. 

I saw an Instagram photo of Moira on a streetcar, and reached out for more information realizing that she was up for adoption. After the proper meet and greet she was home within 2 weeks. And the rest is history!

how it started

It all started with my own Moira.

The photo that changed it all.

The first time we met Moira.

moira on instagram here