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Ontario Lakeside Backyard Wedding | Danica Oliva Photographer

There are few that can say they served their guests dinner at their wedding. Aprons and all! These two lovers have hearts of golden and they both shined these hearts on their wedding day. A celebration affected by COVID, Jonathan and Kara made it happen. In their families lakeside cottage in South Western Ontario they invited their closest family and friends to witness their beautiful union. I have to say there isn’t a couple quite like these two. Yes, from serving their dinner to their guests to serenading their family and friends to two love songs they wrote about their story. One thing after another their wedding just melted my heart. Oh, and did I mention that Kara came into the ceremony in a horse and buggy?

You have to scroll right to the bottom of this gallery. I am so grateful for these two and allowing me to document your special day.

Photographer & Videographer: Danica Oliva Photography & Videography

Bridal Dress: Heirlooms Bridal

Florals: Elora Street Flowers

Pies: HomeStyle Bakery

Catering: Pebbles Restaurant

Venue: Family Cottage!

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