Jane + Chris’s Broadview Hotel Fall Wedding | Danica Oliva Photography


These Jeopardy watching lovers hit my inbox with the best feedback on why they were there.

What draws you to my work over other photographers? It looks fun. The ability to capture real, authentic, moments – not just the posed stuff.

This is always the best feedback I’m so honoured to get. There are so many moments that are captured by photographers with so many styles of working. Some are a very hands on approach, others like to be a fly on the wall, and then there’s those, like me, that like to take a guided-documentary approach.

Guided Documentary Approach

What does this mean? Well, when you think about documenting we are there to allow what’s going to happen organically unfold in front of us. Weddings in particular have a specific schedule that have many people depending on it. So allowing for both the natural and the scheduled to work together we guide the day to be sure all moments that are bound to happen, happen in good time.

Creatively we also want to allow everyone to feel authentically themselves. We never want people to feel as though there’s a camera on them. Why? This creates a more natural environment which in turn allows for more candid moments to happen. And you betcha (!) we’re there to capture it all.

When Jane + Chris told me their story, how their dog Lula is a rescue from Save Our Scruff, and how they love watching Jeopardy I knew we would get along perfectly. The only problem…..I was already booked for their special day. That’s when I reached out to my peer, my friend, Jesseka Melanie from Jesseka Melanie Photography. Knowing that Jane + Chris were going to be in the best hands with our guided-documentary approach, and someone I trust with all my heart, it was all meant to be.

I’m so grateful for have associate photographers in my corner to navigate calls like this. There’s no reason why we can’t all work together to serve our couples the best way we know how. Knowing my morals, style, and heart match what Jesseka also stands for is something I cherish in another creative and I can’t wait to come together in this same way this year.

Jane + Chris’s day was nothing short of perfect. The Broadview Hotel made for the perfect intimate setting for these dog loving city-goers, and I’m so glad they fell in love with Jesseka throughout their day.

Our day was great – Jesseka is AMAZING. We’re low key obsessed with her – very bad ass, very thoughtful, very collaborative and encouraging and reminded me to pull my dress down like a thousand times and I owe her everything for that.” – Jane

Cheers to the amazing team that made this happen and to Jane + Chris for being the best couple and trusting in the TEAM.”

Edited & Shot for: Danica Oliva Photography +Videography

Lead Photographer: Jesseka Melanie Photography

Venue: The Broadview Hotel

Dress: @tmodernbride + @sarahseven

Suit: @suitsupply

Florals: @kenilworthfloral

Photo Booth: @originwedding

Bridal Hair + Makeup: @nicoleostonalbeauty

Grooms Hair: @silverarrowsalon