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Boho Chic Ontario Wedding – Nicole & Shane

This wedding was one of those “oh my gosh, did that really just happen?” moments. It’s always when I’m driving home that evening from a day filled with SO much. So much to unpack, from great moments in between moments, to the dresses, the people, the music, the venue…..when it all comes together so seamlessly you can’t help but bask in the perfection a wedding can bring.

Nicole and Shane had the best balance to their wedding. And that is a statement I have never said about a wedding before. Secrets out! What do I mean by that? A wedding day can feel so overwhelming. From wanting to talk with all your guests, to wanting to see the personalize gifts you handmade set up on the table you had been envisioning for months, to actually having time to finish your dinner among the chaos…..and all of it you want to take in. I get it. A lot of the day is going to fly by. And it might even seem like a bit of a blur the next day. For this wedding in particular, I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have amazing clients.

From getting ready moments with her bridesmaids at the house, to photo time with the family, to cocktails with their guests, to wonderful speeches, to a sunset session filled with magazine-worthy shots, I’d say this was the best balanced wedding for time I have ever witnessed.

Leading me to that SUNSET SESSION. That’s something worth making time for. A popular time among photographers: that BLUE HOUR before the sun goes down. I always take whatever time I can get because even just a handful of shots is totally worth the adventure for. Joined by my amazing second photographer Lydia, we took Nicole & Shane to the bridge just south of their wedding venue. With my music in hand we had them take a step back from their wedding and soak in the moment with one another.

VENUE: Otter Creek Golf Course

DRESS: Emmy Mae Bridal

FLORALS: Floral Occasions (Ingersoll)

PHOTOBOOTH BUS: The Long Weekend Bus

PLANNER & DECOR: Melissa Vandermeer


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